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Future of Hiring

Joining Forces with The Future of Virtual Communication at SmartyMeet!

Discover SmartyMeet's exciting partnership with, revolutionizing virtual communication by integrating DISC and Big Five Personality insights. Dive into the future of personalized online interactions!

Discover SmartyMeet's exciting partnership with

Hello, SmartyMeet Community!

Imagine a world where your virtual meetings are not just about voice and video but also about understanding emotions, personalities, and more. Sounds futuristic, right? Well, the future is here, and I'm thrilled to spill the beans!

We've recently partnered with the amazing team at If you aren’t familiar with their work, they're the wizards who've managed to integrate tools like DISC and the Big Five Personality Traits into the world of AI - all without those cumbersome tests!

Why Caught Our Eye

The digital realm, while transformative, often lacks the personal touch. What makes stand out from the crowd is their unique approach to human emotions. They’re bridging the gap between cold tech and warm humanity. With tools that provide instant insights into an individual’s DISC profile or the Big Five personality traits, is ensuring that the tech world gets a healthy dose of human understanding.

A Word from Our Partners

"Humantic AI has always been on a mission to bring people closer. SmartyMeet's latest personality integration is a step in that exact direction. Professionals can now understand people on the other end of a Zoom call as if they were actually meeting them in real life. The SmartyMeet team truly values bringing the 'human' element back into the workplace and has some interesting features lined up in their roadmap. We are excited for what lies ahead -- both in the future of the workplace and with our partnership. Something tells me both will go hand in hand."
Amarpreet Kalkat
Founder & CEO @ Humantic AI


Here’s What’s Cooking!

Thanks to our collaboration with, SmartyMeet users can expect:

  1. A Deeper Dive into Interactions: Get ready to have meetings where you not only hear but understand participants on a new level.

  2. Revolutionizing Recruitment: Talent Acquisition, rejoice! Now, assess every candidate's personality in a snap, making the hiring process both efficient and human-centric.

  3. Empowerment to Candidates: For all job seekers, this means better preparation, an in-depth understanding of potential team dynamics, and insights into interviewers.

  4. Boosted Productivity for Recruiters: With an AI assistant at your disposal, expect skyrocketing productivity and better conversions.

  5. Analytics Like Never Before: For the analytics buffs, it’s time to get more from your data. Understand team structures, champion diversity, and gauge company culture seamlessly.

Wrapping it Up

As always, we're here to innovate, to ensure that your experience on SmartyMeet is nothing short of outstanding. This partnership promises a blend of technology and humanity, all to give you a more intuitive, understanding, and efficient virtual communication platform.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Your feedback, support, and love keep us going. As we gear up to integrate these fantastic features, we're eager to hear your thoughts and how you envision using them in your daily digital interactions.

Stay tuned, and here’s to breaking new grounds together!


Slawomir Kroczak CEO, SmartyMeet

Slawomir Kroczak

Slawomir Kroczak

The Co-Founder and CEO at SmartyMeet. With 15 years of experience in software development, I specialize in optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and drive growth.

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