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Why Your Company Absolutely Needs a Stellar People Team (and Can AI Help?)

Explore 'Culturivy' by Roza Szafranek: a reflection on genuine leadership and human touch in an AI-driven world. Essential for modern leaders and teams at SmartyMeet.

Hello, SmartyMeet family and all our wonderful readers!

Have you ever stumbled upon a book that feels like a warm chat over coffee? One that has you nodding along, thinking, “Yes! That's precisely what I've been feeling!”? That was my experience diving into Roza Szafranek’s "Culturivy: The Power of Changing a Workplace: How to Create a Resilient Culture Where People and Business Flourish."

Here's a cozy breakdown of why Roza's book resonated with me, especially when reflecting on our journey at SmartyMeet:

1. We're All in This Together: Regardless of our business backgrounds, we all face familiar challenges with our teams. While AI can provide predictions, nothing compares to the human touch in crafting solutions.

2. Heart Over Everything: My time leading SmartyMeet has shown me that heart-driven leadership genuinely matters. AI can offer us data, but Roza emphasizes the intertwined nature of passion and people management.

3. The Beautiful Puzzle of People: Each individual represents a unique piece of the puzzle. While AI can suggest a layout, piecing them together demands genuine understanding.

4. Staying Connected: Both Roza and I concur that leaders need to be tuned into their company's pulse. While technology provides insights, genuine 'water-cooler' chats can be transformative.

5. AI’s Role in People Matters: In our digital age, the overarching sentiment at SmartyMeet remains: technology assists, but humans take the lead, especially in understanding team dynamics.

6. Celebrating Every Team Member: While AI can process numbers, the vivid hues and narratives each team member contributes? That's our privilege to recognize and celebrate.

7. Got Your Back! Roza’s book underscores the importance of supporting everyone, including the People teams. While AI tools can assist, a heartfelt "You got this!" often works wonders.

8. Let’s Talk, Not Just Email: It's not merely about data and graphs; it's about fostering understanding and connection. A heartfelt conversation often bridges more gaps than emails.

9. Experience Trumps Algorithms: Echoing Roza's sentiments, we at SmartyMeet prioritize genuine stories and experiences over algorithms. The most profound insights? They stem from authentic tales.

10. Genuine Leadership: Roza and I are on the same page: leadership is rooted in authenticity. While AI can guide, leading with the heart has the most lasting impact.

619pJYLQH4L._SL1436_In wrapping up,

I recommend that you take a moment with a comforting drink in hand to delve into "Culturivy."

This book acts as a heartfelt nudge, spotlighting the magic that unfolds when earnestness meets business. With the surge of advancements in AI, its assistance is undeniable. However, the indispensability of the human touch is paramount. Here's to teams and workplaces thriving in a realm where technology aids, but humanity prevails!

Stay splendid,
Slawomir Kroczak

Slawomir Kroczak

Slawomir Kroczak

The Co-Founder and CEO at SmartyMeet. With 15 years of experience in software development, I specialize in optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and drive growth.

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